After pretentious Upper-East Siders Catherine and Peter Bennington lose their luxurious lifestyle in a financial crisis, they desperately try to maintain their social status and exclusive address by secretly becoming the supers of their Park Avenue apartment building.

It would be an unbearable humiliation if their social circle discovered they now pick matted hair from drainage pipes. Even more devastating would be their tacky neighbors and archenemies, Muffy and Dick Weiner, finding out they've become (gasp) working class!

The Benningtons must somehow manage this intolerable new life. They seek guidance from the only two people privy to their sudden financial woes: Antonio, the loyal doorman, and Ling Ling, their indebted (and undocumented) servant.

Catherine and Peter have gone from "super" to "supers" and by God, they want out!




Catherine Bennington

Catherine and Peter have never worked a day in their lives. Their social calendar is packed with morning Cognac at the Club, afternoon spa treatments, and dinner at Swifty’s--until they hit rock bottom. Faced with the harsh realities of poverty, Catherine copes with a Dirty Martini, then a run on the dialysis machine. Peter copes by hiding in the broom closet.

Peter Bennington


Catherine Bennington

Dick and Muffy met at an Alabama Hooters. Once Dick hit it big with his "Dick's Sausage Garden" restaurant chain, he and Muffy could finally afford the finer things in life: a Manhattan penthouse, gen-u-ine Barbies and spray-on tans. What would complete their dream is infiltrating the social circles of the Upper East Side.

Franchise "Dick's Sausage Garden"!

Peter Bennington



Antonio always seems to be working the door at The Doltmore on the Upper East Side. Borne unto a long line of doorman, he dutifully opens and closes the door for the building's tenants... and single girls. Antonio takes pride in his ability to say, "I love you" AND hail a cab in 10 different languages.

Feelin' lucky?



Ling Ling is the only Chinese maid in the building. Bitter about her lowly status as Catherine and Peter's servant - she has no choice but to stay in their employ or she'll be deported. Despite her slutty demeanor, Ling Ling is well-educated and has never been paid extra for her special services… which she seems to hand out with some frequency.